The Planters of The Commonwealth in Massachusetts, 1620-1640 
Page 64-65

MAYFLOWER, William Peirce, Master, left Gravesend in March with thirty-five passengers, mostly from Leyden, Holland, destined for Plymouth. She arrived May 15.1 [1 Bradford, 11, 65.] 

RICHARD INGERSOLL of Sandy, county Bedford Salem 
Mrs. Anne Ingersoll 
George Ingersoll 
Joanna Ingersoll 
John Ingersoll 
Sarah Ingersoll 
Alice Ingersoll 

RICHARD MASTERSON of Ashford and Sandwich, Kent and Leyden Plymouth 
Mrs. Mary Masterson 
Nathaniel Masterson 
Sarah Masterson 

THOMAS BLOSSOM of Cambridge, England and Leyden, Holland Plymouth 
Mrs. Anne Blossom 
Thomas Blossom, Jr. 
Elizabeth Blossom 
Mrs. Bridget Robinson widow of Rev. John of Leyden Plymouth 
Isaac Robinson 
Mercy Robinson 
Fear Robinson 

THOMAS WILLETT of Leyden Plymouth 

RICHARD CLAYDON of Sutton, county Bedford Salem 

BARNABAS CLAYDON of Sutton, county Bedford Salem 

RICHARD HAWARD of Sutton, county Bedford Salem 

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