If you have any sources (for Ingersoll's) that you would like to see, let me know, give me what info you have and I will try to locate the source and text of it for you.

INGERSOLL - Ripley, Lieutenant Charles S. The Ingersolls of Hampshire. A Genealogical History of the Family from Their Settlement in America, in the Line of John Ingersoll, of Westfield, Massachusetts (1893). CS/71/I47/1893

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You can find these and other fine books at Higginson Book Co. and they can also be borrowed/loaned from the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) Circulating Library 

Thanks to the dedicated work of Melissa Ward, we now have an Ingersoll Mailing List. You can subscribe by sending a message to  INGERSOLL-L-request@rootsweb.com that contains the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message and nothing else. There is also an Ingersol(l/e)/Ingerson Family Genealogy Forum, at Surname Web.

Sources of Information 

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Some Ingersoll Research Sources:
Ingersoll "hits" & sources found at Ancestry.com
Articles about the Surname Ingersoll found on PERSI

- The Ingersoll Family in America 1629-1925 by Lillian D. Avery 1926
- Richard Ingersoll & some of his descendents by Maj. Gen AW Greely 1909
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- Ingersoll Family by Clara Chamberlain McLean

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