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Robert Frank Ingersoll 13 January 1888 San Diego California White   Nenana Alaska
Andrew Jackson Ingersoll 5 November 1885   White   Cameron Pennsylvania
Robert George Ingersoll 28 June 1884   White   Cameron Pennsylvania
Walter James Ingersoll 3 May 1881   White   Cameron Pennsylvania
Julius Curtis Ingersoll 26 February 1883   White   San Miguel Colorado
Louis Fredrick Ingersoll 10 May 1894 Idaho Falls Idaho White   Elmore Idaho
Charles Norton Ingersoll 3 October 1872 lives at RFD Buhl Idaho White   Gooding Idaho
Andley Ingersoll 2 January 1881 wife lives Joyland California White   Bonneville Idaho
Warren William Ingersoll 15 March 1879   White   Canyon Idaho
George Ingersoll 28 August 1875   White   Fremont Idaho
Walter Edward Ingersoll 15 February 1894 Wardner Idaho White   Shoshone Idaho
Robert George Ingersoll 5 May 1881 lives American Fork Utah     Wasatch Utah

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Subject: Rootsweb Archive 1
Wilcox Co. AL 1860 Voters in Presidential Election. Canton Beat: James C. Ingersoll

Cemetaries of Nevada Co., Arkansas
All buried in Piney Grove
Ingersoll, Aaron Allen "Rip" b. 23 Sep 1903, d. 21 Apr 1979
Ingersoll, Earl Ellis b. 23 Sep 1914
Ingersoll, Eunice Pruitt b. 15 Oct 1919 d. 16 Nov. 1982
Ingersoll, Freddie Leon b.& d. 1 Jun 1961
Ingersoll, James Wm. b. 17 Sep 1927  d. 19 Sep 1950
Ingersoll, Lucinda b. 25 Nov 1845 d. 1 Oct 1927
Ingersoll, Mary E.  b. 13 Nov. 1886 d. 20 Mar 1946
Ingersoll, Minnie H. B. ? d. 1883
Ingersoll, O. T. b. 13 Sep 1873 d. 7 Jul 1962
Ingersoll, Oliver T., Jr. b. 4 Jun 1920 d. 2 Apr. 1982
Ingersoll, Rosa Lena Clark b. 16 Jul 1905 d. ?

Compiled from Barton Co., Arkansas Federal land Records
Ingersoll, Edwin  Sec no. 12   R. 19N, 29W   Arces 0   Date 1892/04/01
Ingersoll, Edwin  Sec no. 12   R. 19N, 29W   Arces 160   Date 1892/04/01
Ingersoll, Hulett E. Sec no. 22  R 20N, 31, W  Acres 0   Date 1905/08/31
Ingersoll, Hulett E. Sec no. 22  R 20N, 31, W  Acres 80   Date 1905/08/31

Scott Co., Arkkansas Federal Land Records
Ingersoll, John C.  Sec no. 25    R 3N, 31W  Acres 0   Date  1888/10/17
Ingersoll, John C.  Sec no. 25    R 3N, 31W  Acres 0   Date  1888/10/17
Ingersoll, John C.  Sec no. 25    R 3N, 31W  Acres 160   Date
Colorado 1885 State Census, Delta Co.,
Ingersoll, Henry H.
Ingersoll, Olive C.

Gunnison Cemetery, Gunnison Co., Colorado
Ingersoll, Rose H.  DOD-1899  BLK-B46 LOT-L10  PLOT-P09

List of names contained in the CT portrait Index maintained at State Library in Hartford.
Ingersoll, Chas. R., 500
Ingersoll, Robert G., 500

Listing of solidiers' names whose portrait photograph appears in the vol. "History of the 101st
Machine Gun Battalion" at Mary Cheney Library in Manchester and Conn. State Library.
Ingersoll, C.T.

Antioch Cemetery Index in Iowa
Antioch Cemetery
       The Antioch Church, three miles east of Clarksville which was demolished by a windstorm on
a Saturday afternoon March 24,1915, was first dedicated in February  of 1873.  The congregation
then known as the Christian Church, was once among the  strongest churches in the county,
having over 500 members living  in northeastern townships.  The Rev. T.R. Hansberry was the
pastor who assisted in the organization  of the church. There is no record of the selection of
officers until  Nov. 6, 1858,. when it is stated, "The members of the Antioch congregation met
for the purpose  of setting apart their respective officers." And proceeded to elect to the Eldership
 Wm. McBarnard and Charles S. Martin; to the Deaconship James Hodgson and James   R.
Taylor; to the Clerkship John T. Davis.  At its organization the church had no building in which to
hold its services  and met in the old school house known as No. 5 about 40 rods south of the
Antioch cemetery.
       On June 29,1872, John Saddler and his wife Elizabeth, conveyed to the trustees of the
Christian Church, one-half acre of ground, about 30 rods east of the cemetery     and upon that
land the church was erected, the building in which it held its services until the year 1891.  The
building was built at the cost of $1200.
       On April 18, 1891, the trustees of the church sold it to the Antioch Union Church
Association for $250.00. The Antioch Union Church Association held meetings in the building
for many years, but with the coming of the automobile and the removal of most of the original
families of the community, church services were discontinued but some Christmas programs were
held in the building and Memorial Day services were held there, these served as old settlers
reunions, and were well attended.
      The cemetery is still being used and holds the graves of many of those old settlers who were
active in the Antioch Church so many years ago. It is divided in two sections, the westernmost
part being the old addition and the eastern side, the new addidtion.  The following is a diagram of
the Antioch Cemetery listing lot owners names and lot numbers as found in the cemetery records.
The lot numbers and  section (E for east and W for west) is listed behind each name on the
following pages to assist you in finding the graves.
Ingersoll, Stanley E. 1899-1975 E-38
        Alma L. 1903-1977
    parents of Dorothy, Geneva & Judith E-38

Subject: Rootsweb Archive 2
Brief Biographiccal Sketches of  Families with Louisa County Connections
Dr. [Harris] Howey married 1) in 1840 to Susan Dellabarr, who died two years later. He m. 2) 24
March 1844 to Sarah J. Marshall, a native of Wellsburg, West Virginia, who came to Iowa in
1840 with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Marshall. She died 29 November 1880. They had the
following children: Virginia m. ___Ingersoll, Clarksville, Missouri; Thomas; Frank, Lemmon,
S.D.; and Charles of St. Louis, Missouri.He married 3) 15 March 1883 to Lida McMahill and they
had one daughter Sadie Ladema b. 19 May 1891 and died the following August.
Surname index of Frank E. Stevens’ 1914 History of Lee County Illinois
A "B" next to the page number designates the Biographical volume #2.
All other page numbers are from the Historical volume #1.
Name, Page / Vol.,
Ingersoll,Robert G.,207
Ingersoll,Robert G.,275
Ingersoll,Robert G.,276
Illinois Marriages
 Moore, Esther L. m. Ingersoll, Cornelius  Nov. 20, 1851  Book-A1 Page-39
Marriages in Greene Co., Indiana from 1821-1827
Ingersoll, Daniel M. m. Dixon, Mary  26 Jul 1827
Ingersoll, Peter, Jr.  m. Wines, Tryphena  03 Jun 1827
     These charges were filed in the Cumberland County Court of General Sessions. They are
recorded in volumes 1 and 2 of the records of the County Commissioners. The general format is
mother's name, mother's residence, mother's occupation, date of birth, son-daughter-or child,
volume:page number. Accused putative father's name, putative father's residence, putative father's
occupation, whether guilty, volume:page. Where the information is missing, it is not listed. There
are many cases where no accused father is listed. Some of the dates are missing, in some cases the
date court was held was not clear. In general, these court records were not well kept. In only one
case, were the indictments listed, and there is no further mention of all but one of those indicted.
No further charges were found. In every case, excepting the few indictments on 2:84, the women
charged were found guilty. Only one of those indicted on 2:84 was recorded as having been found
guilty. The disposition of the remainder of the indictments is a mystery. Someone apparently
witnessed Mary Lawton in bed with John Lawrence. This is the only case where there is no
mention of a child, and the only case witnessed.
The children's names are not given. If you can identify any child, please send me the name (and a
reference if you have one).
Additions and corrections welcome.
Mary Atwood, Falmouth, Singlewoman, September 1, 1760, son.
Accused Elisha Ingersoll Tenney, Kittery, Yeoman, 1:59.
Lydia Ingersoll, Singlewoman, February 27, 1763, son. Charged
James Barton, Falmouth, Mariner, 1:75.

Subject: Rootsweb Archive 3
Robbinston, ME births from the microfilm at the Family History Center in Bangor, ME.
The parents places of birth include: NY-NYC, Putnam
?/22, ?, 2nd, Enoch M Ingersoll( farmer, b Columbia Falls, ME),  Anna Spalding (b New York
Index to the History of  Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine
Title "History of Auburn 1869-1969:100 Years A City" edited by the late Ralph B Skinner &
Daphne W. Merrill.
 INGERSOLL, Anna 285 Nathaniel 285 Norris 177 Norris E 313
compiled by David C Young
(c) 1997 by David C Young
BARTON James      1-2-2-0-0 182 m? 30 Oct 1764 Lydia/Dorcas Ingersoll
James & Lydia 31 May 1767 join church  [1st Parish of Falmouth]
James Barton & Lydia Ingersell of Falmouth m int 27 Nov 1762 [Portland VR MSA cards]
Capt James Barton wife Mary died ae 69y on 19 Oct 1833 at Portland [Sec Eastern Cem Portland
            Robert bapt 7 June 1767
            James bapt 7 June 1767
            Lydia bapt 21 Oct 1767
[1st p of falmouth]
Portland Families in 1790
by David C Young
(c) 1997 by David C. Young
This only a working draft.  Please tell  us how who like this. If there are errors tell us. We hope to
publish this work in many  other form in the future. You may use the information freely but please
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are any corrections to follow. Help yourself but also help ours as help. We want to hear from
you. Please sent us your information on  families in Cumberland County in 1790: (Bakerstowns
(Poland, Auburn, Mechanic Falls, Minot); Bridgton (Naples, Harrison); Brunswick; Buckstown
Plantion (Buckfield); Cape Elizabeth (Cape Elizabeth, South Portland); Durham; Falmouth
(Westbrook, Falmouth, Falmouth Foreside); Flintstown Plantation ( Baldwin, Sebago); Freeport,
Pownal; Gorham; Scarborough; Gray; Harpswell & offshore islands; New Gloucester; North
Yarmouth; Cumberland; Otisfield; Plantation #4 (Paris); Pejepscot Claim (Danville, New Auburn,
South Auburn); Portland; Raymond Plantation (Raymond, Cassco, part of Naples); Rusfield Gore
(Rustfield, part of Norway); Shepardstown Plantation (Hebron, Oxford); Standish; Turner;
Waterford Plantation (Waterford); Windham. Prior written approval of you & the copyright
holder will be required before of any information will be consider for publication on this site or
any another publication. You do not ask you to give up your copyright only to place your
information with us for a period of time. Jan 1997 David C. Young
Webmaster of Cumberland County GenWeb Site
 TROTT Benjamin    2-1-2-0-0 362  any connection to Woolwich & d ae 74 in 1813 ???
m 20 Aug 1761 Thankful BRACKETT
       Benjamin bapt 30 Dec 1770  m int 1793 Lydia Ingersoll(?)
       Mary bapt 21 Nov 1773
 [1st Parish of Falmouth]
Maine Marriage Records before 1892  from the Cards at the Maine State Archives Courtesy of
the Maine State Archives
7,16,1843 N PORTLAND 0
Robbinston, ME births from the microfilm at the Family History Center in Bangor, ME. 1907
9/2, Edward Spalding, 1st, Enoch M Ingersoll (farmer, b Columbia, ME), Anna B Spaulding (b
Putnam NY)
Portage Central Cemetery, Portage Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan
Location  Section 15, East Side of Westnedge, Portage Township, Kalamazoo County
Isabelle L. 1863-1913
Henry K. 1858-1931
Roll of Honor: Michigan
Union Soldiers interred in the Military Asylum Cemetery, D. C., opened on or about August 1,
1861, and closed May 12, 1864
Ingersoll, T.J.  Rank:Private  Reg. 10th  Co. G Died 25 Dec 1862
Location-Section 8 and 9, South Side of Milham Road (O Avenue), Portage *Township,
Kalamazoo, County.
   Samuel Father*   Louise
      Apr 29, 1814-May 16, 1892*      Aug 5, 1841-Dec 13, 1857 16
   Sarah A. Mother
      Sept 18, 1821-July 24, 1885*Beckley,
   Polly May, 1840 24 yrs Mother*   Joseph 1813-1892
*   Clarissa 1815-1892 Wife
Born January 12, 1894
Passed away September 13, 1982
Services September 16, 1982 at 1:00 P.M
Roth Gerst chapel
Reverend William Amundsen
First United Methodist Church of Lowell
Oakwood Cemetery
Roth Gerst Funeral Home
LAKEVIEW CEMETERY, city of Lakeview, Cato Township, Montcalm County, Michigan.
Allen G.  1943-
Marian B.  1926-1990    married 15 Oct 1955
Earl  1898-1972
Vesta  1898-1965

Subject: Rootsweb Archives 4
Worth County, Missouri Death Notices 1874-1893  Page 27
Mrs. Sophia (nee Ingersoll) -died 20 Sept 1888 at the home of her son-in-law, Daniel W. Lamb,
of Denver, MO, aged 88 years.  Mrs. Maxfied received a pension for serviced rendered by her
husband,  Harvey Maxfield in the war of 1812.  She married Harvey, 6 Oct 1816 in Westford, Vt..
he died in Taylor Co., Iowa (Bedford), 4 June 1873 & is buried in the old cemetery at Bedford.
Sophia was born 8 June 1800 in Middletown Middesx (sic) Conn.
Mt. Albion Cemetery, Route 31, Town of Albion, Orleans County, New York.
Trancribed from stones and cemetery records and contributed in March 1997
by Sharon Kerridge, Orleans Coordinator NY Gen Web,
INGERSOLL, DELIA  b.1812  d.APR 27, 1847
INGERSOLL, ELIZABETH C.  b.1805  d. AUG 18, 1869 in  ONIEDA CO.
INGERSOLL, EMMA C. STEVENS b.1839   d.NOV  4, 1911 in  ROME, NY comment:
INGERSOLL, FRANCIS D.  b.1833  d.OCT 13, 1896 in ONIEDA CO.
INGERSOLL, JAMES b. NOV  6, 1838  d. JUN 21, 1839  comment: SON OF
DETROIT 5/20/1870)
INGERSOLL, JANE T.  b.1815  d. OCT 10,1894
INGERSOLL, NEHEMIAH b.1788  d FEB 28, 1868  in ONIEDA CO.
comment:    HUS OF POLLY H. & ELIZABETH C.
INGERSOLL, POLLY H. b. 1794  d. APR 16, 1830 comment:1ST WIFE OF
1                               CEMETERIES
                            TOWN OF BROOKFIELD
                         MADISON COUNTY, NEW YORK
                         GUERNSEY MEMORIAL LIBRARY
                            On side of highway
David Benjamin                1807-1 Apr 1882 ae 74y6m14d
His wife Sarah Ingersoll      1816-1885
(No Longer in use)
(Includes Towns of Andes, Bovina, Colchester, Davenport, Delhi, Deposit,
Franklin, Hamden, Hancock, Harpersfield, Kortright, Masonville, Meredith, Middletown,
Roxbury, Sidney, Stamford, Tompkins, and Walton.
Town of Hancock
Long Flat Cemetery, Route #30
Ann Clauson  45 years D.o.D.-March 30, 1859  Wife of Walter Ingersoll
Cemetery, East Branch, Main Street/Old Mill Road
Alice Ingersoll 24 yrs D.o.D.-  wife of Walter
Mt. Albion Cemetery, Route 31, Town of Albion, Orleans County, New York.
Trancribed from stones and cemetery records and contributed in March
by Sharon Kerridge, Orleans Coordinator NY Gen Web,
Temple Cemetery, Kirtland, OH Gravestones A-J
Birth, Death, Age, Notes
Ingersoll, Philo
Dec. 2, 1794-Oct. 23, 1827
Spink County Land Tract Records
LAST              FIRST          TWP. NAME            SEC.    TWP. #
Ingersoll           Charles               Conde                   13
120N    60W
Ingersoll           Charles               Conde                   15
120N    60W
Ingersoll           Frank                 Lake                    1
115N    65W
This file contains the first 26 pages of "Who's Who in South Dakota" by O. W. Coursey (1913)
Scanning by John Rigdon , final editing by  Joy Fisher  from a book in the possession of Joy
One of America's most gifted orators, Col. Robert  Ingersoll, standing beside the bier of his dead
brother, delivering a funeral oration over the deceased, said, "There  never  was  a  manlier man."
These inspiring words could never have had  a  more  perfect application than to be applied to
Charles N.  Herreid  ex-governor  of  South  Dakota.  How passionately fond we all are of him,
not merely for the unexcelled record which he made as governor, but for his manly virtues.
The book "Riverview Cemetery, Brule County, Chamberlain, SD"
Sec  Blk  Lot  Grno  First   Last           Sex       Died
  A    7    6     1   Lillian  INGERSOLL   F   28 Aug 1887     Dau. of
A. R. & J. A.
 Civil War - Union Veterans in South Dakota
"List of G. A. R. Posts in S. Dak." which was published in "South Dakota
Historical Collections",Volume XVI, Part 1 (1932), pages 182 - 446.
Ingersoll, C. M.     Town: GROTON   pge: 267
Ingersoll, C. M.; b. New Jersey; private, Co. F 30 Mich.; to  March 30,
Sisseton, Roberts Co., SD - 1909 Business Directory
        This file contains a listing from "South Dakota State Business
        Directory", published by The Gazetteer Publishing Co., Denver, CO
        in 1909. This listing shows business in the town of Sisseton.
Ingersoll,  A. H.  Occupation:  attorney, vice-pres. Citizens Nat Bank

Melissa Ward wrote:

Sorry, I can't remember which page I pulled this off of, but thought I'd post it, where I have -in
my database-I've made a connection
Carle D. Ingerson d. Aug 11 1874 in Cooper Kalamazoo, MI; 1 year 8 months 17 days of
dysentary. Born in MI, Father =Alonzo Ingerson Mother=Charlotte (In my database)
Matilda C. (?) Ingersoll (married name) d. Aug 28 1874 in Niles Twp., Berrien Co., MI; 57 yrs 7
mos 11 days (b.1-17-1817?) of paralysis.  B. in NY Occupation: Housewife (not in my database,
that I know)
Stephen Ingerson d. Apr. 25,1872 in Saint Joseph Co., MI; 75 years, 11 mos. 10 days; b. in NY
Occupation: Farmer  Father=Jonathan Mother=Abigail (In my database)
Minnie Ingersol d. Sep. 6, 1813 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI; age 4 mos. of Cholersa Infantum. B.
MI F= George Ingersol  M=Mary (not in database)
David Ingersll d. Jul 20, 1874 in Owosso City, Shiawassee Co., MI; Married; 73 yrs 4 mos. 28
days of paralysis of the brain    b. NY Occupation=Farmer (Not in database)
Lena M. Ingersoll d. Sep. 7, 1870 in Commerce, Oakkland Co., MI; 1 yr 7 mos 19 days of
Cholera Infantum   B in Commerce, MI F=Charles  M= Frances E. (Not in database)
Gibson Ingersoll d Feb. 16, 1870 in New Buffalo, Berrien Co., MI Age 37 b. NY Occupation
"Idiot" (Tes, I quoted)  Father= John who lived in Wisconsin M=Nancy (IN database)
Guy Ingersoll d. Sep 11, 1869 in Bloomingdale M., Van Buren Co., MI; Age 1 yr 10 mos of
inflammation of the bowels F=S.M. in Ohio M= F. A. in Ohio (Not in database)
Rufus Ingersoll d. Mar. 29,1870 in Mottville, Saint Joseph, MI; Married; age 66  bin NY
Occupation=Farmer  Father=Patrick in NY  M=Hamia in NY (not in database)
If you can make a connection with these people, let me know, so we can
compare notes.

Tennessee, Knox Co.

 Mabel R. Ingersoll  m. Oliver W. Ingersoll  30 Nov. 1892
Wastch Co., Utah
  Robert George Ingersoll  b.5 May 1881  lives American Fork, Wasatch Co., Utah

I am looking for information on Iron Loren Ingersoll.  That is what my grandfather told me the
name was, but the only record I can find is an 1860 SC census listing him as O. L. Inglesol.  He
was born abt 1806.  The one and only census I find him on says he was born in NY, but his
daughter's (Mary Mariah) death certificate and her census data indicate he and his wife Susan
Anna Brice were born in England.  The census indicates they were in NY in 1846 when their first
child, Lucy Jane, was born.  They were in Clay Hill, York Co., SC by 1848 because their second
child, Emily, was born there.

Family tradition has it that Iron, Susan and daughter Lucy Jane were all born in England and they
came to America around 1847.

Mary Mariah Ingersoll was born 15 Aug 1856 in Clay Hill, York Co., SC.  She married James
Monroe Surratt on 30 Jan 1876 in Hot Spring Co., AR.  Mary died 8 Feb 1946 in Hot Spring Co.,

Other children of Iron and Susan were Lucy Jane, Emily, Newton, Beldin, Myra Elizabeth,
Martha and Sally. This is all I have been able to find on the family.  I had Brent Holcomb do some
research for me in SC and he found nothing.  Any help would be appreciated.

Rochelle White

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Subject: [INGERSOLL-L] Minnie Ingersoll Murder

I received a photocopy of this from Carole Badger on Saturday, after some thinking I figured it
would be ok to send this to the list, as long a I kept all the information intact.

This is about Minnie Ingersoll, daughter of Charles Ingersoll and Olive Ingersoll.

 From " The other side of the hill-More Tug hill tales" by Harold E. Samson North Country
Books Box 86--Lakemont, N.Y. 14857 Copyright 1974-Harold E. Samson  8329 DeMott St.
Lacona, N.Y. 13083 First printing ---June 1974 Second Printing--June, 1975

Printed in the United States of America By, Boonville, Graphics, Boonville, NY

Pages 219-222
 The Ingersoll Tragedy--Unrequited love has been the basis of many a tragedy, and such was the
case in the death of a young girl of seventeen, a few miles northwest of Martinsburg in the year
1895   This girl, a Miss Minnie Ingersoll, had become the object of an ardent infatuation by a man
in his mid-thirties, whom we will refer to as John Jones. Because of the fact that he has relatives
still living in the area who might be innocently embarrassed, his right name will not be used.
   Although Miss Ingersoll had steadfastly discouraged the attentions of this man more than twice
her own age, Jones refused to desist in his unwanted advances. As subsequent events proved, he
had decided in his own warped thinking that if he could not have the objects of his affections, then
neither would anyone else.
  On the evening of July or July 10, 1895, a girl born and raised on a farm, was helping out with
the barn chores on a farm owned by Jacob Strife on the flat Rock Road, but leased and operated
by her brother, Eugene Ingersoll.  Mr. Ingersoll had been compelled to go to Lowville, a few
miles away, and had left his young sister and an elderly hired man named Nicholas Strife to finish
the milking.
   Of course, the milking was all done by hand in those days When a milk pail was filled, it was
carried out through a long alleyway to an elevated platform. Here it was emptied through a
strainer into large milk cans, in readiness for being loaded upon a wagon in the morning for
delivery to a cheese factory.
  Minnie had left the barn carrying two full pails of milk, and was passing through the alleyway,
when suddenly there was a spurt of fire and the sound of a shot from an opening in a nearby
box-stall.  Struck in the breast by a heavy bullet, the young girl fell, milk flying in all directions
from the pails that she carried and soon to mix with her life blood.  She died almost instantly.
   Startled by the sound of the shot, Nicholas Strife dashed out into the alleyway. Another shot
rang out and he also fell, shot through the side.  In the confusion that followed, a shadowy form
fled through the open door and disappeared.
  The cries of the wounded man soon brought help. While several neighbors attended Strife,
another leaped astride a horse and galloped into Lowville to bring a doctor and alert the sheriff.
Mr. Strife survived the shooting and lived to tell the story many times.
   It took no great amount of sleuthing on the part of investigating officials to come up with a
suspect in the murder. Jones' infatuation for Minnie was well known, as was his apparent jealousy.
Two .44 Winchester cartridges were picked up in the box-stall, and routine questioning the next
day divulged the fact that Jones had, on the morning before, purchased a .44 Winchester rifle from
Sterling's store in Lowville, along with ammunition to fit it.
   It was later discovered that he had then hired a team and wagon and driven to the vicinity of
Chimney Point Gulf, a short distance from the Strife farm, where he had concealed the rifle and
ammunition in dense bushes.  After returning the team and wagon, he had again gone to where
he had concealed the gun, and fired a few shots to test its accuracy.
   The present-day science of ballistics, whereby a certain rifle or revolver may be definitely
proven to have fired a specific bullet, was in those days unknown. But the coincidence of the
purchase of the rifle by Jones, and the finding of the two expended cartridge shells of the same
caliber at the scene of the shooting, convinced the sheriff that he was the guilty one. A warrant for
his arrest was issued and the search for him began.
   Although this search was diligently pursued, and the surrounding countryside scoured high and
low, no trace of Jones was found until the following late fall, when he walked into the sheriff's
office and gave himself up. It transpired that he had been hiding out in a series of caves near the
head of Whetstone Gulf, a short distance behind the home of his sister.  She and her family had
supplied him with food, but she had also constantly urged him to surrender to the law, and it was
due to this urging that he had done so.
   It was later learned that this was not Jones' first venture into violence. In June of 1887, he had
without provocation shot and wounded the mother of a girl whom he was engaged, and had spent
six years in Auburn Prison to atone for that crime.
   At his trial he was found guilty of the murder of Minnie Ingersoll and sentenced to die by
electrocution in the same prison during the month of February, 1896.  The sentence was carried

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