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The Ingersoll name in Egyptian hieroglyphs

Egyptian hieroglyph of Ingersoll

CREST    : A griffin's head gules gorged with a fess dancettee ermine between two wings displayed or.
BLAZON: Gules, a fess dancettee ermine between six trefoils slipped or.
SOURCE: Burke, Sir Bernard : GENERAL ARMORY OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND AND WALES Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969.

Inkersall : English: habitation name from a place in Derbyshire, recorded in the 13th century as Hinkershil(l) and Hinkreshill. The final element is OE (Old English) hyll Hill; the first may be the ON personal name Ingvarr (see Inger) or an OE byname meaning 'Limper' (cf. Hinchcliffe and Hinckley). Ekwall suggests that it may represent a contracted version of OE hingna aecer monks' field (cf. hine and Acher).

Ingersoll, Inkersall, Inkersole : Roger de Hynkersul 1321 from Inkersall, Derbyshire, England: Shef = T.W. Hall and A.H. Thomas, Descriptive Catalogue of the Charters...forming the Jackson Collection at the Sheffield Public Reference Library, Sheffield 1914.

Ing(e) : English : habitation name from a place in Essex, recorded in Domesday Book as Inga and Ginga, apparently from an OE tribal name Gigingas 'people of Giga'

Inger : English (Nottinghamshire) from the ON (Old Norse) personal name Ingvarr . Variation : Inker (Somerset) Patrs : Inkerson, Ingwers, Engwers, Inger(t)sen

Ingvar : Old Danish, Old Swedish , Yngvarr Old Norse

Inger, Inker, Ingerson : Ingeuuar, Imgarus 1066 Domesday Book; Roger Inger 1255 RH (W); Peter Ingarson 1546 FrY.

The following information is from:
'History of Derbyshire' by David Peter Davies (Makeney - April 10th, 1811)

Parishes of Derbyshire in 1811 

A parish 'containing the chapelry of Barlow, and the hamlets of Netherthorp, Woodthorp, and three of the name of Hanly, containing altogether about 408 houses. At the compilation of Domesday, there were a church and a priest at Stavelie'. 
Living a rectory; church dedicated to St. John the Baptist; patron - Duke of Devonshire. In the Deanery of Chesterfield. 
'There are in this parish some valuable beds of iron-stone; and furnaces have been built for converting it into metal, which employ many hands'. 

From Hall of Names (Basically true)

Ingersoll, Inkersall, Inkersoll, Ingersol, Ingersole, Ingerson and other variations. First recorded in Derbyshire, England in the 12th Century with manor and estates, they were recorded as Lords of the Manor of Inkersall in Derbyshire. By the 13th Century they had branched out into Hertfordshire and to London where they held a townhouse. They also established a branch in Bedfordshire.

Co Derbyshire (Place Map)
Scarsdale Hundred
Staveley Parish 
Inkersall (is just to the South/South-West of the town Staveley)

Map showing Staveley, Derby and Nottingham in Co Derbyshire, England

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