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  1. Ingersoll Family Genealogy Research  (93%) New
    Ingersoll Family History and Genealogy.

  2. Ingersoll Family Genealogy Forum  (82%) New
    Please visit our sponsors, they support GenForum Home: Surnames: Ingersoll Family Genealogy Forum (includes all obvious variations) [ Post Message ] [ Latest Messages ] [ Search This Forum ] [ Help ] John INGERSOLL b1615/Eng D1684/Mass. - Suzanne 8.

  3. Parlin-Ingersoll Library - Canton, Illinois, USA  (82%) New
    About CANTON: [ History - Education - Facts - Library - Transportation - Points of Interest - Parks ] opened in 1894 supported through endowment established in 1958 by Charles and Elizabeth Ingersoll, the library levies no taxes for its operation Similar Pages

  4. Raymalene's Genealogy Pages  (82%) New
    Looking in every and every to find Welcome to my homepage, Genealogy is a hobby of mine.I started researching my family &&it's ancestors in November of 1995.I have found over 6400 people so far &&I'm still researching. I've listed some links that have been helpful to me &&are also interesting.I hope you find as many interesting people as I have. Some of the surnames I have found are:...

  5. Samuel INGERSOLL  (80%) New
    Genealogy of Samuel INGERSOLL, b:27 Aug 1767, d:12 Sep 1855.

  6. SurnameWeb - Ingersoll  (79%) New
    This page is a listing of the Copyright 1997 Dennis N. Partridge, David L. Beck, and Duane Cooley. Comments, Feedback, Dead Links, please let us know: INGERSOL, INGERSOLE, INGERSON

  7. Genealogy Data  (77%) New
    Genealogy Data. Back to Main Page. Wilson, Willaim Gender: Male Family: Marriage: TN Spouse: McCroskey, Mary Birth : 8 May 1786 Greene Co, TN Death : 20...

  8. GENEALOGY GATEWAY(TM) To The Web: CODE & LOGO for a Hot-Link  (77%) New
    This website is proudly sponsored by our friends at Family Tree Maker Online GENEALOGY GATEWAY: CODE and LOGO -- Add It To Your Homepage. WANT TO SUPPORT &&INCREASE EXPOSURE FOR YOUR LISTING HERE? THEN ADD ONE OF MY LOGO's TO YOUR HOMEPAGE NOW!

    PERSONAL HOMEPAGE SELF-LISTING SERVICE. Find your options below. Please read the FAQ before posting. Post all "QUERIES" in the Family Query Forum. [ Page 1 ] [ Page 2 ] [ Page 3 ] [ Page 4 ] [ Page 5 ] [ Page 6 ] [ Page 7 ] [ Page 8 ] [ ...

  10. Ingersoll Family Genealogy Research  (74%) New
    Posted by Rick Ingersoll on April 28, 1998 at 19:50:46: Moved to new site. Ingersoll Family Genealogy Research Follow Ups: Post a Followup Name: E-Mail: Subject: Re: Ingersoll Family Genealogy Research

  11. Al Myers' Home Page in Harrisburg, PA  (73%) New
    Thank you for visiting me in the lovely Susquehanna Valley of south-central Pennsylvania! My interests include family and local history, especially colonial era in PA and ME, and in Great Britain and Germany before 1750.

  12. Whiton Genealogy and Family History Guestlog  (72%) New
    Return to main page Here are the comments others have left behind: Comments as of February 18, 1996 Mark E Whiting ( writes at Saturday, 24-Feb-96 07:07:00 EST: ...

  13. Willard_Surname.html  (72%) New
    Willard Surname Index. Henry-2 Genealogy, 1989. Note: The numbers following each name are the page numbers where that name is found in the Henry-2 book....

  14. GENEALOGY GATEWAY TO THE WEB - Surname Homepage & Resource Listings  (72%) New
    Genealogy Gateway To The Web is the on-line genealogy super-center with comprehensive access to everything genealogical on the internet. FREE Genealogical Services and Resources. Search this entire Website.

  15. Genealogy Research Resources  (72%) New
    Research Resources : Genealogy Gateway TM to the Web ANCESTRY GLOBAL SEARCH FIRST NAME LAST NAME Any Locality Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Dist. of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana...

  16. I4015: Eddy James INGERSOLL (10 NOV 1965 - )  (72%) New

  17. Ingersoll / Inkersall / Ingerson Family Research  (71%) New

  18. Ingersoll Home Page  (71%) New
    Ingersoll Genealogy Research is at : -: You will be forwarded in 7 Seconds :- This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

  19. Genealogy Surname List  (70%) New
    Genealogy Surname List. Back to Main Page. A(1), A.(1), Abbot(17), Abbott(4), Abel(2), Aberhardt(1), Able(1), Abrahams(3), Abrams(1), Achenbach(5),...

  20. Genealogy Resources on the Internet  (69%) New
    "I,J" SURNAME MAILING LISTS. URL: Last update: August 19, 1998 by John Fuller, ICENOGLE (includes Eisennagel) ...

  21. I4969: Charity ( - )  (68%) New
    Charity. Family 1: Moses MOON. DIVORCE: N. Sanford P. MOON. __ __| | |__ __| | | __ | |__| | |__ | |--Charity | | __ | __| | | |__ |__| | __ |__| |__...

  22. Winant Family Genealogy: Jane (Jennie) Winant (Lemon)  (68%) New
    Winant Family Geneology. Jane (Jennie) Winant (Lemon) Mother:Jane Lemon (Barr) Father:Robert Lemon. Spouse:Frank Ingersoll Winant. Born:March 13, 1870....

  23. Surname/Family Lists I  (68%) New
    It's easy -- just click on the list you want. When the "mail-to" window pops up, write just the single word "subscribe" in the body of the message. That's all. If you want to unsubscribe from a list, click on it and write just the single word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message. Similar Pages

  24. Allan Gilbertson's Genealogy Index  (67%) New
    An index of genealogical periodicals and books written since 1985 pertaining to American immigrant ancestorswho arrived before 1680. You are invited to help contribute to this index.

  25. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Ingersoll-Woodley Family Home Page  (67%) New
    The Ingersoll-Woodley Family Home Page This Home Page is for research on the family of Priscilla Anne Ingersoll and John Paul Woodley, Jr. The Ingersoll Family research includes the Ingersoll, Lyman, Converse, Strong, Edwards, Webster, and many...

  26. Loren Toomsen  (67%) New
    Top Loren . . . Mother Theresa, Love in action! Galileo, physicist and astronomer Gandhi, non-violent revolution Dr. Kenneth McFarland, public speaker Jon Runnestrand, my sons namesake Joseph Campbell, myth Similar Pages

  27. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Sue Loder Family Home Page  (66%) New
    The Sue Loder Family Home Page Susan Marie Loder 202 N. Madison Ave. Mason City, Iowa 50401 United States 515-423-6685 Genealogy, Movie Quotes, I am researching the following names: ANNELEY, BAKER, BENNETT, BREWTON, BROWN, CAMP..

  28. lmclean's Web Page (generated by XOOM's Easy Page Builder v2.0)  (66%) New
    THIS DATABASE WAS UPDATED 11June98 WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? I'm trying to make contact with people who can help me build my family tree. I will trade information or help other people do the same (if I can).Please browse my database for branches which mayinterest you.

  29. Families genealogy page  (66%) New
    The newest links are at the top of this list, right under the CASE link. CASE Clearing House is a one-name homepage for CASE researchers. Ancestral Trails has surnames, and also has a great Civil War database. 10-04-98 Similar Pages

  30. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Larry Dean Ingersoll Family Home Page  (66%) New
    The Larry Dean Ingersoll Family Home Page Larry Dean Ingersoll 5815 Memorial Hwy Tampa, Fl 33615 813-885-6975 Looking for information on Joseph Ingersoll ? born in New Jersey Wife Lydia Barcus Son James Ingersoll born Jan. 3..

  31. Thomas INGERSOLL/Ruth CHURCH  (66%) New
    Wayne R. Barnes Family Genealogy Husband: Thomas INGERSOLL Born: 28 MAR 1668 at: Westfield, Hampden, MA Married: 17 MAY 1720 at: Medford, Middlesex, MA Died: 14 NOV 1732 at: Westfield, Hampden, MA Father: John INGERSOLL Mother: Mary HUNT Other Spouses: Sarah ASHLEY Abigail BLAKEMAN

  32. THE OLIVE TREE GENEALOGY: Red River Expeditionary Force 1870-1877  (65%) New
    RED RIVER EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 1870-1877. Surnames beginning with "S" # Name RANK BATT. CO. FROM AGE STATUS 1346 Saunders Enoch Pte. 1st - Toronto O 19 Single 1347 Smith Alexander William Pte. 1st - York O 20 Single 1348 Smith ...

  33. Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Ontario  (65%) New
    Canadian Genealogy and History Links. Ontario. Entries preceded by a indicate it is a new entry or the URL has changed or been updated within the last 14 days. Personal Ontario Pages. ...

  34. John Middleton genealogy  (64%) New
    This is my wonderful bride of 41 years; Mary Ann (Petroski) Middleton The ancestral lines of John Richard Middleton include the following notable individuals: Alice Carpenter Southworth ; The 2nd wife of Gov. Similar Pages

  35. Benjamin SNYDER/Olive BARNUM  (63%) New
    Husband: Benjamin SNYDER Born: at: Married: 17 DEC 1867 at: Oxford County, Ontario, Canada Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: NOTES Wife: Olive BARNUM Born: 7 JUN 1850 at: (probably) East Nissouri Township, Ontario, Canada Died: at: Father: William BARNUM Mother: Anna Margaret CARTER Other Spouses:

  36. Genealogy's Most Wanted FE - FK Index  (63%) New
    Select A Background Color: If the background color options do not work, you need to upgrade your browser or your system. Is there an error on your entry? Entry not here and should be? Have you ...

  37. I909: Caroline BARTLETT (1877 - )  (63%) New

  38. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (62%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page INGERSALL, Joanna ( 3 MAR 1625- 1693/1694) Ingersoll, Alice (21 DEC 1612-) Ingersoll, Bathsheba ( 1629/1630-25 OCT 1705) Ingersoll, George ( 2 JUL 1618- 1694/1695) Ingersoll, JOHN ...

  39. Hulce and Adams Genealogy - Hulce Surnames  (61%) New for Movies HULCE SURNAME LIST 9860 individuals, 3578 families from file HULCE.FOW.GED (9 SEP 1997) Please contact me by e-mail for information on any name. The underlined names ...

  40. I4187: Connie Joann CARTER (1 MAR 1962 - )  (60%) New

  41. Marshall County, WV Genealogy Page  (59%) New
    MARSHALL COUNTY IN WORLD WAR I 1914-1918. Submit info & photos about your family members in WWI. From The History of Marshall County by Scott Powell, 1925 Copied & Submitted by: ERRIN CLARK ...

  42. ALLEN - INGERSOLL in Washington Co.  (59%) New
    Please visit our sponsors, they support GenForum Home : Regional : U.S. States : Maine Genealogy Forum Posted by Joyce Hibberts on May 23, 1998 at 17:37:29: I'm looking for connections to Frederick A.

  43. The Ingersoll--Black Debate, Part III  (59%) New
    nbsp; Library: Historical Documents: Robert Ingersoll: Debate: V Black Christianity 3. Order books by and about Robert Ingersoll now. The Christian...

  44. Winant Family Genealogy: Sarah Ann Winant (Ingersoll)  (59%) New
    Winant Family Geneology Sarah Ann Winant (Ingersoll) Spouse:Jesse Oakley Winant Born:August 27, 1805 Married:1827 Died:December 27, 1890 Children: Daniel Winant (III) Chandler Lambert Winant Sarah Ingersoll was born in Westfield, Mass. and died in..

  45. Browse People Index  (58%) New
    The People Photo Index. Listed below, for your veiwing pleasure, is a complete list of people photos maintained by the Historical Society. Enjoy!!...

  46. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (57%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page Ide, Charles H (28 Jun 1881-) Ide, Edwin C (16 Oct 1873-) Ide, Edwin P (-) Ide, Emilie B (10 Jul 1884-) Ide, Florence L (10 Dec 1877-) Ide, Lettie R (23 Oct 1871-14 Nov 1882) Idell...

  47. Greene Family URLs  (57%) New
    The Green(e) Family "Home"Page Welcome home - to the Green(e) family home page, that is. Come on in, stay awhile, and meet the folks. What's New with the Green(e) Family ! This site is a focal point for finding YOUR Green(e) family. Similar Pages

  48. Andreas Goetz Genealogy - I -  (56%) New
    Auf dieser Genealogy-Seite sind alle mit dem Namen I aufgezaehlt Regestrierungen ueber e-Mail sind erwuenscht

  49. SURNAME LIST  (55%) New

  50. Genealogy Online - Chat Room  (55%) New
    Posted Wed Oct 14 1998 03:32:47 AM PDT from BELLGLOBAL.COM Nell to Howard Oh Well.......missed you this am ..... have a good day! Posted Wed Oct 14 1998 03:15:51 AM PDT from BELLGLOBAL.COM Nell to Quest

  51. Fulton County,Illinois  (54%) New
    Genealogy & History in Fulton County, Illinois. Fulton County. located in west central Illinois, on the Illinois River part of the Military Tract (land granted to soldiers in War of ...

  52. SurnameWeb - Ingersoll  (54%) New
    This page is a listing of the Copyright 1997 Dennis N. Partridge, David L. Beck, and Duane Cooley. All rights reserved. Comments, Feedback, Dead Links, please let us know: Go back to Surname Registry I surnames Go back to...

  53. I4428: Doris COWEN (1913 - )  (54%) New
    Doris COWEN. BIRTH: 1913. Father: Dorchester Earl COWEN Mother: Ada Mabel QUIVEY. ________________ _LeRoy Jones COWEN ___| | |________________ _Dorchester.

  54. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (54%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page Ingersoll, Alice (BEF 21 DEC 1612-) Ingersoll, Alice (-) Ingersoll, Richard (BEF 10 MAR 1587-BEF 4 OCT 1644)

  55. Tod's Slice Of The Web  (52%) New
    Marshall and related surnames. Links to royalty and Mayflower. Similar Pages

  56. Genealogy Data  (50%) New
    Back to Main Page. Boswell, Sarah Gender: Female Family: Marriage: 12 DEC 1768 Spouse: Hibbard, Nathaniel Birth : 26 AUG 1740 Methuen, MA Gender: Male Parents: Father: Hibbard, Ebenezer Mother: Whittier, Abigail ...

  57. I4427: Carlos COWEN (1910 - )  (50%) New

  58. The Ford Genealogy Club Surname Research Page  (50%) New
    Surnames beginning with I Here are some of the Surnames beginning with the letter I being researched by members of The Ford Genealogy Club . If you are interested in the same name, please e-mail the club member researching that name.

  59. Born  (49%) New
    James and Maria settled at the place called Macks's Mills, Stanstead County, Quebec.. James built a grist mill which he later sold and left the country. On Oct 27, 1796 James was among the original organizers of the Universal Church in Barre, Vt.

  60. Free Catalogs: On the Net  (49%) New
    We give you all the bookmarks you want and not just 10 at a time! Click on a topic and you will immediately see a comprehensive list of url's loading in your browser. Right click on any interesting location below you want to visitand select "Open in New Window" and you will be able to keep the "On the Net" topic list ...

  61. Links2Go: Jennifer Cantrell Schulz-Ancestors  (49%) New
    Current Link: Jennifer Cantrell Schulz-Ancestors GO to this page. ADD this page to my personal topics. Current User Related Topics Civil War Kentucky Kentucky Genealogy Related Links Log In Genealogy

  62. Bill's Genealogy Page  (49%) New
    My enthusiasm with my Family roots started shortly after my sister, Ann Method (you can E-mail her at ) published her "First Edition"of "Wescotts Andersons Hilbacks Walkers --- American Families". Similar Pages

  63. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Page Report: Listing of ...  (48%) New
    Listing of all Individuals in the Gerrath's FTM File: May 1998. Page 90 of 152. [ Home Page | First Page | Previous Page | Next Page | Last Page | Index ...

  64. Professional Genealogical Researchers in the State of Oregon  (48%) New
    NEDRA BRILL. Certified by Board of Certification of Genealogists, Washington, DC. Area of research: Hinkle family. Area of research: Oregon. Independent Researcher. Area of research: Oregon. LONA DOWNING, CG. Similar Pages

  65. Higginson Book Company - Surnames Beginning with I  (46%) New
    Higginson Book Company, Surnames beginning with I

  66. I13887: Clarice DE TREGOZ ( - )  (45%) New
    Clarice DE TREGOZ. Father: John DE TREGOZ Mother: Mabel Fitz WARIN Family 1: Roger la WARRE. Sir John la WARRE. _Robert I DE TREGOZ _ _Robert II DE TREGOZ.

  67. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (44%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page I, Philip Sabin Hibbard (--living--) I, Philo B. Sabin (27 MAY 1792-16 AUG 1837) Ibbotson, David Ivan Matthew (--living--) Ibbotson, Ivan (-) Ibbotson, Kimberly Ruth (--living--...

  68. mcchome.htm  (43%) New
    The Line of Thomas McClaughry (1707-1793) An American Family's Tale This page is dedicated to the decendants of Thomas McClaughry (c.1707-1793). Born in County Longford, Ireland to Scotch-Irish parents, he emigrated to New York ...

  69. I3125: John Gregory HETFIELD (15 MAR 1863 - )  (43%) New

  70. Norsim  (42%) New
    Genealogical publishing and research, 19th-century Ontario specialist.

  71. Footer  (42%) New
    Wayne R. Barnes Family Genealogy Husband: John INGERSOLL Born: 1626 at: England Married: 12 DEC 1657 at: Massachusetts Died: 2 SEP 1684 at: Westfield, Hampden, MA Father:Thomas INKERSALL Mother:Magery EATON Other Spouses: Dorothy LORD Mary HUNT...

  72. Surname index for Roger Barnes  (42%) New
    Surname Index for Roger Barnes Go to my most frequent surname list Return to my genealogy page Return to my home page

  73. NEW ITEMS  (41%) New
    CD WFT 4 Family Tree Maker: World Family Tree Volume 4, pre-1600 to present $50.00 This CD contains over 4,000 actual family trees contributed by Family Tree Maker customers and other family history enthusiasts.

  74. Tribute Renan  (41%) New
    nbsp; Library: Historical Documents: Robert Ingersoll: Tribute Renan. Order books by and about Robert Ingersoll now. Tribute Renan. Robert Green Ingersoll.

  75. AT FIRST GLANCE  (40%) New
    AT FIRST GLANCE. Editorial Office 515 York Quincy IL 62301. E-Mail Address: Volume III 17 January 1997. No. 14 Valerie J..

  76. Site Map  (40%) New
    Back to homepage |TAOS| |Virtual_Library| |Selected_Web Sites| |Search_the_Internet| |Resource_Guide| |IAO| |Reference| Site Map Library Branches and Community Access Programs Find A Job Help Beachville Brownsville Burgessville Drumbo East Oxford...

  77. SURNAME LIST  (40%) New

  78. Genealogy Resources: I  (39%) New
    I . IA-NEB-Roots-L, is a discussion group of genealogical and historical research in Iowa and Nebraska. To subscribe send the following to SUB IA-NEB-ROOTS-L firstname lastname ...

  79. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (39%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page Ingersoll, Samuel (ABT 1656-) Ingraham, (-) Ingraham, (-) Isbel, Eleazer (-) Isenberg, Alfred (-) Ives, Hannah (Merriman) (-) Ives, Josiah Jr. (ABT 1763/1768-) Ives, Martha (Patty) ...

  80. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: Carl Boyer's Ancestral Lines  (37%) New
    Carl Boyer's Ancestral Lines Carl Boyer, 3rd 24200 Cheryl Kelton Place P. O. Box 220333 Santa Clarita, CA 91322-0333 805 259-3154 I am currently concentrating on my late son-in-law's ancestry for my granddaughter Kylen Plummer...

  81. Untitled  (37%) New
    These are people who are definitely connected to me (or my wife or any other relative of mine) via the given surname. Covington Jo Ann Jones-Beagle jofus@ix.netcom Dashiell / de Chiel Joye Taylor Knowlton Cathy Knowlton other surname(s): Winder, Taylor, Brown Art Elwell, or Kathryn L.

  82. Ogram's 17th Century New England Links: Images & Facsimilies  (35%) New
    This is a very helpful collection of links for anyone who needs to add some graphics to a paper or report. There are images of items from daily life in the 17th c., as well as paintings, portraits, maps, and even pages of books from the period.

  83. genealogy  (35%) New
    This is my hobby and my love I am listing names here in my lines that I would be happy to give you free information on and I would love to receive more information. I have over 4000 names on the computer in my genealogy program in pedigree and family group sheet form and I am still adding every week so I am only listing last ...

  84. AT FIRST GLANCE  (34%) New
    AT FIRST GLANCE. Editorial Office 515 York Quincy IL 62301. E-Mail Address: Volume III No. 13, 3 January 1997. Valerie J..

  85. Mow Families  (34%) New
    Fourth Generation . 14. Edward4 Kibbe (Elisha3, Edward2, Edward1) was born in Salem, , Massachusetts February 2, 1668/1670. Edward died August 22, 1756 in Enfield, Connecticut, at 87 years of age. His ...

  86. I1341: Florence DAVIS ( - )  (34%) New

  87. Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject The Bible  (33%) New
    by Joseph C. This article sets forth some reasons why Humanists assert that the Bible is not the word of God. Humanists are convinced that the Bible was written solely by human beings who lived in an age that was ignorant, superstitious, and cruel.

  88. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (33%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page Ickes, Leroy Shimer (31 Aug-) Ickes, Pamela Jean (23 Jan 1959-) Ickes, Suzette Jane (21 Dec 1967-) Ikewood, Catlyn (-) Ikewood, Jessica Jean (27 May 1985-) Ikewood, John Jacob (-...

  89. RELIGION  (29%) New
    Gerda's Theodish Belief Page - a different form of Asatru/Teutonic religion. Odhinnist Resource Page - dedicated to Odhinnism, a shamanistic path of Asatru. Ragnorak: The Asatru Home Page - This is a page for the Asatru religion - a revival of Germanic paganism. Similar Pages

  90. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (29%) New
    Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I Back to Main Page I, William Robert Walwork (29 JUN 1940-) ice, Sylvester R Sabin (29 JAN 1797-1876) Ickelheimer, Jannette (-) Ide, Patience (-) Illsley, Reginald Howard (-) Illsley, Richard (-) Illsley.

  91. New England Genealogy  (29%) New
    THE NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER . Vol. 4, 1850 - Genealogies: Bradford; Davenport; Gilbert; Gookin; Leverett; Otis; Wentworth; Winslow; Wright. Records: physicians of Ipswich MA; Saybrook CT vr; list of Freemen; Dover NH town records; Plymouth Co MA wills; Suffolk Co MA wills; Boston area vr; Weymouth MA vr; passengers for VA; Wrentham MA vr; marr &&deaths from news.;...

  92. Genealogy Data  (28%) New
    BOGEL, WILLIAM Birth : RUSSO,,IRELAND Gender: Male Family: Spouse: KIRKWOOD, KATHERINE Birth : PEISLEY,,SCOTLAND Death : RUSSO,,IRELAND Gender: Female CLARKE, JOHN Birth : 1855 DONAGEL,,IRELAND Death : 1929 DONEGAL,,IRELAND Gender: Male Parents:

  93. No Title  (28%) New
    Genealogy Report (Register) (v3.0 ) HTML file. Descendants of John Thompson. Generation One. 1. John. 1. Thompson was buried at Forest Hill Cem., Adams...

  94. I00979: Joseph JENKINS (6 Jul 1802 - 13 Nov 1865)  (28%) New
    Genealogy submitted by Kathleen Jenkins, hosted by MCCS and included in the Genealogy Workshop archives. Tracy (Bridgeman) ZEMAN . BIRTH: Private Father: Donald ZEMAN ...

  95. Consolidated Monthly Reports of Civilian Employees - Freedmens Bureau - State  (27%) New
    Consolidated Monthly Reports of Civilian Employees - Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen & Abandoned Lands - State of Louisiana - for the month of October

  96. Surname Registry  (26%) New
    H-GIG Surname Registry. Surnames beginning I. Registration Form. Genealogy Page. Surname: Surname URL: Last Name: First Name: E-Mail: IACURTO none GURTO...

  97. AMERICANA  (25%) New
    Other Americana All items subject to prior sale. Returnable only within three days, with good reason Prices include shipping and handling when pre-paid only Kindly remit with order or will bill Public institutions billed upon PO# or other arrangement. ALL PRICES NET TO ALL. Anyone wishing to view catalogue ...

  98. David Oatman (74) Genealogy  (24%) New
    David Oatman (74). David (Samuel, George, John, Johannes), son of Samuel and Hannah (Wooster) Oatman, was born 8 January 1772, at Southford, Connecticut, and was baptized at St. James Episcopal Church, ...

  99. John Smith's Genealogy  (24%) New
    St.Mary&Ethelfri,ROMSEY,ENGLAND d. 22 FEB 1705 dp. NEWBURY,ESSEX,Massachusetts Index

  100. Barnes Family Genealogy Forum (Page 2)  (23%) New
    Please visit our sponsors, they support GenForum. Home: Surnames: Barnes Family Genealogy Forum (Page 2)(includes all obvious variations) [ Post Message ].

  101. California Genealogy Index  (22%) New

  102. Happiness in a doghouse  (22%) New
    Presently looking forward to retirement at the end of the year. Interests: Enjoy working with water lily ponds and refinishing old antique Morris chairs. Ambition:to be able to trace the Whittington family tree (genealogy) back to the 1500's. Hopes.

  103. (BARRY HURTZ - Arthur Ira JACKSON )  (21%) New
    Index of Persons: BARRY HURTZ - Arthur Ira JACKSON 6602 individuals, 1830 families from file C:\Gendex\ged35\norm798.GED ( Jul 1998)

  104. I5271: Samuel ALDEN (ABT 1722 - )  (21%) New

  105. Carlos Baker Collection of Ernest Hemingway  (19%) New
    Carlos Baker Collection of Ernest Hemingway (C0365) 1800s-1987, bulk 1918-1967. Introduction. Heminway Chronology. Arrangement. Folders. Introduction. The.

  106. East Central Regional Library -- Reference Sources  (19%) New
    Did we omit something obvious? Something great? Let us know! Enter a web site in our Reference Suggestion Box Animals American Kennel Club -- Information on purebred dog breeds AVMA Care ...

  107. Genealogy Index  (19%) New
    Index of Names A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ? Surname Quick List A Allen, Abigail (1802- ) B Brown, Eudora Aclen (1848-1928) Brown, Sally (1796-1842) C Crandall, Mary (1814-1883) D DaLee, Albert Waterman (1835-1908) Da Lee...

  108. Genealogy Helplist Alaska  (18%) New
    [Main Index] [How to Join the Helplist for Alaska] [Bottom] [ Genealogy and More Homepage ] Please read the instructions before requesting help Please DO NOT send me genealogical queries as it is ...

  109. ShadCat's Free Genealogy Listings - Surnames - I  (18%) New
    Free site to find your roots and / or list your genealogy web page or site. Catagories include native americans, surnames, countries, states, counties, societies, civil war, revolutionary war, associations, software, etc...

  110. The Darling Family History Page  (17%) New
    Welcome to. Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook Last updated by Robert on 4 September 1998 These pages are dedicated to my ancestors. I have come to know these people as more than just names, for I have ...

  111. VCI.NET/Mayfield, Kentucky  (17%) New
    Western Kentucky Internet Service Provider Vision Communications Internet

  112. I1840: Jean Anita BECK ( - )  (16%) New

  113. Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with I  (16%) New
    I., Grace (1895-1974) Illingsworth, Ephraim (-) Illingsworth, Nancy (17 Sep 1865-4 Jun 1937) Ingersol, Mary (22 Sep 1760-) Ingersoll, Elizabeth (-) Ingham, Betty (-) Ingraham, Mary J (-) Irish, James (-) Irish, James (21 Jan 1735/36-1 Apr 1816) Irish, Martha (28 Aug 1761-) Irish, Martha "Patty"(-10 Nov 1836) Ivey, Harrison (WFT Est. 1816-1848-WFT Est. 1873-1932)

  114. John Smith's Genealogy  (15%) New
    NEWBURY,ESSEX,Ma. d. NEWBURY,ESSEX,Ma.,Massachusetts d. dp. | |_____ Judith GREENLEAF - b. 2 SEP 1625 bp. ,Ipswich,Suffolk,ENGLAND d. 15 DEC 1705 dp. ,NEWBURY,ESSEX,Massachusetts Index

  115. I4429: Kathryn Murle COWEN (18 JAN 1918 - )  (14%) New

  116. Die. -- where enough justly depositor an blasphemousness  (14%) New
    A is matter Gonzalez enough genealogy bagger and coil. Find someone an justly impulses Cygnus an Ypsilanti then, obstructive enough the lamentations reference. In the, station in that of, the depositor the rule Ingersoll the ballad. Cowslips an...

  117. DINOSAUR-1996May: list participant biographies  (12%) New
    list participant biographies. Jo Wixom (martin@hpentccl.grenoble.hp.c m) Thu, 2 May 1996 16:24:13 -0400. Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject...

  118. (Maria Louisa HUNTON - Gerald Bruce ISAACSEN )  (10%) New
    Index of Persons: Maria Louisa HUNTON - Gerald Bruce ISAACSEN 7132 individuals, 2490 families from file C:\GENEAL\APPLDORN\APPLDORN.GED (9 Oct 1998)

  119. A Subject List of Book, Manuscript and Archival Collections Available in the P  (10%) New

  120. The Darling Family History Page  (10%) New
    Welcome to. Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook IS MOVING UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS TO Last updated by Bob on 3 June 1998 ...

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    Books on Americana and related at The Book Garden Gallery plucked ripe off the vine and ready to read! Prompt, courteous service.

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