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Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers, Volume 2, page 522

Ingersoll, or Inkersall,

* GEORGE, Salem, s. of Richard, b. a. 1618, had there gr. of ld. 1639, by w. Eliz. had Joseph, b. 14 Oct. 1646; Eliz. 1 Feb. 1648, d. soon; Eliz. again, 19 Mar. 1651; rem. to Gloucester, was there a selectman 1652, and ha Mary, 12 Aug. 1657; rem. [p.520] to Falmouth, and his other ch. George and Samuel may have been b. there; from 1675 he was at Falmouth, and was the lieut. call. by Hutch. I. 266, foll. the Col. Rec. 1668, Ingerfield, driv. away at the destruct. of the tow by the Ind. 1676, where one of his s. was k. the former yr. Williamson says he was a rep. 1683 and 5, and that must have been to Maine Legislat.; was liv. at Salem 1694. Willis, I. 64, 210. George, not his s. was k. by the Ind. 16 July 1690; but he may have been a neph.; and Willis refers to a s. of first George, k. by the Ind. 1676.

GEORGE, Falmouth, s. of the preced. rem. to Charlestown, after the sec. destruct. of F. there on 10 Dec. 1693 brot. his ch. to unite with the ch.: Eliz. aged 18; Sarah, 16; an Bethia, 14; at least so far as then to be bapt. his d. Mary hav. d. 14 Oct. preced. The formality of owning the covenant was suffic. But on 12 July 1696 he and his w. Catharine more solemnly join. the ch. he then aged a. 50 was bapt. and their other ch. George, aged 13; Daniel, 6; Catharine, 4; and Lydia, 1.

JOHN, Salem, mariner, prob. s. of Richard, b. in Eng. or perhaps, but less likely, on the voyage hither, went with Gloucester people to New London, a. 1643, but back in a yr. or two, had John, Nathaniel, Ruth, and Richard, all bapt. 10 Sept. 1654; Sarah, 3 June 1655; Samuel, 6 Oct. 1658, as he wrote it, or by ano. rec. 30 Jan. 1659; Deborah, 1668; was freem. 1668; rem. to Casco, had there Ephraim; Mary; Rachel; and Abigail; beside a d. wh. m.—Brown, and d. bef. her f. Driv. by the Ind. war from Falmouth, he sett. at Kittery, d. 1716, leav. wid. Deborah aged 71, and the ch. Elisha; Nathaniel; John; Ephraim; Deborah, wh. m. Benjamin Larrabee; Mary Low; Rachel, w. of John Chapman; and Abigail Blacey. Willis I. 211. Sarah m. 1676, William Ropes.

JOHN, Hartford 1653, or earlier, m. a. 1651, Dorothy, d. of Thomas Lord, had Hannah, b. 1652; Dorothy, 1654; and rem. to Northampton, where his w. d. in giv. b. to Margery, Jan. 1656. He m. sec. w. 2 Dec. foll. Abigail, d. of Thomas Bascom, had Abigail, 11 Jan. 1659; Sarah, 30 Oct. 1660; Abiah, or Abigail, 24 Aug. 1663; Esther, 9 Sept. 1665; rem. to Westfield next yr. had Thomas, 28 Mar. 1668, and his w. d. that yr. By third w. Mary, sis. of Jonathan Hunt, and gr.d. of Gov. Webster, had John, 19 Oct. 1669; Abel, 11 Nov. 1671; Ebenezer, 15 Oct. 1673, d. young; Joseph, 16 Oct. 1675, wh. was k. by the Ind. in the assault on Deerfield, 29 Feb. 1704; Mary, 17 Nov. 1677, d. young; Benjamin, 15 Nov. 1679, d. at 7 yrs.; and Jonathan, 10 May 1681; and d. 3 Sept. 1684, and his wid. d. 18 Aug. 1690; but one high authority says, 1 Sept.

Thirteen of the ch. were liv. when the est. of their f. was div. and ten so late as 1707. Hannah m. 15 Nov. 1672, Stephen Kelsey; Dorothy m. 2 May 1672, Jacob Phelps, and next, m. a Root; Margery m. 5 Dec. 1679, Jacob Goffe, and next, Jonathan Buck; Abigail m. Thomas Rix, and next, Joshua Wells; Sarah m.—Barnes; [p.521] Abiah, or Abigail m. Jedediah Strong; and Esther m. William Gurley, to wh. she bore only Samuel, ancest. of Rev. Samuel, chaplain to Congress; and m. next Benoni Jones, wh. with her s. Benjamin was k. by the Ind. 13 May 1704 in that part of Northampton call. Pascomuck, while she was car. prison. to Canada, there d. next yr.

JOIIN, Westfield, s. of the preced. m. 1699, Isabel Brown, had Isabel, b. 18 Mar. 1701; and he d. 18 May 1750. His wid. liv. to 26 Jan. 1772, in her 96th yr.

JONATHAN, Milford, youngest br. of the preced. liv. at M. 1698, was a joiner 1714, by w. Sarah, wh. d. 14 Feb. 1748, in 62d yr. had Jonathan, b. 1713; Sarah, 16 June 1716, d. young; Mary, 14 Dec. 1718, d. young; David, 4 Sept. 1720; Jared, 3 June 1722, wh. was f. of Jared, disting. as a lawyer and judge at Philadelphia; and Sarah, again, whose b. is not found.

JOSPII, Falmouth, s. of George, m. a d. of Matthew Coe, had Benjamin and prob. other ch. rem. in the Ind. war to Gloucester, there d. 12 Mar. 1718. His s. Benjamin went back to F. bef. his f. d.

NATHANIEL, Salem, s. of Richard, not b. in Eng. was an innholder, m. Hannah Collins, it is said, had only d. wh. d. bef. him; was chos. deac. 24 Nov. 1689 of that ch. at the village now Danvers, where the devil had his great triumphs, many of the trials of the witches being held at his ho.; was freem. 1690, and lieut. d. early in 1719. From him, thro. fem. line, descend. the late emin. mathemat. Nathaniel Bowditch, translat. of La Place, all whose ch. bear this fam. name. Young's Chron. of Mass. 178. Nathaniel wh. perish. in shipwr. 1 Apr. 1683, may have been his s.

RICHARD, Salem 1629, came with Higginson, bring w. and childr. was from Co. Bedford, kept the ferry at N. riv. d. 1644. His will of 21 July 1644, pro. 2 Jan. 1645, ment. w. Ann, s. George, John, and Nathaniel, the youngest, s.-in-law Richard Pettingell, wh. m. his d. Joanna, and William Haines, wh. m. his d. Sarah, that had sec. h. Joseph Houlton, also ds. Alice, w. of Josiah Walcot, and Bathsheba, the youngest, wh. m. John Knight, jr. and bef. 1652, his f. John Knight m. her mo. Ann, wh. d. 1677. In his inv. a pair of oxen is set down as of the value of 14, and his farm of fifty acres 7.

RICHARD, Salem, perhaps gr.s. of the preced. cast away in a vessel of wh. he was capt. 1 Apr. 1683 at Cape Cod.

SAMUEL, Falmouth, s. of the first George, driv. by the Ind. hostil. went to Charlestown, his w. Judith brot. to bapt. their ch. Samuel, Josiah, Jonathan, Rebecca, and Dorcas, all on 10 June 1694; and David, 1 Sept. 1695. He, 12 July 1696, aged near 50 was bapt. Often this is writ. on the rec. Ingerston, or Engerston. Such is the statem. to be gain. from rec. but it is evid. that ano.

SAMUEL of Salem, prob. s. of John, was the younger by a. ten yrs. whose memo. of the fam. are print. in Essex Hist. Coll. I. 12. Of hims. he ment. birth in Oct. 1658, of his w. Sarah (whose surname he omits), 11 Dec. 1665, [p.522] m. 28 Apr. 1684, had Sarah, b. 12 Oct. 1686; Margaret, 8 Apr. 1690; and Susanna, 4 Dec. 1692. He was a capt. and merch. trad. to Newfoundland, Sal Tortugas, and Barbados, and d. a. 1695, leav. decent est. His wid. m. Philip English, as sec. w.

THOMAS, Westfield, s. of John of the same, m. 22 July 1692, Sarah, d. of David Ashley, had five ch. of wh. four, Thomas, b. 27 Nov. 1692; Moses, 10 Feb. 1695; Miriam, 4 June 1697; and David, 30 Sept. 1699, outliv. him. He had 21 Jan. 1708, for sec. w. Abigail, d. of Samuel Blackman, wid. of Hezekiah Dickinson, mo. of famous Jonathan and Moses; rem. to Springfield; and his w. d. 30 Mar. 1719; and in May 1720 for third w. had Ruth Childs of Watertown; and d. 14 Nov. 1732. Often the name writ. was Ingerson. Nineteen of this name had been, in 1834, gr. at the N. E. coll. of wh. only three at Harv.

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